Custom PC Builds

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Fill out our form for a free estimate on a custom PC build. We can build the perfect PC for you, whether you need it for your business, gaming, or are feeling a little adventurous. We’ll provide a price list, source your parts, build and deliver your device, and give you a training session covering best maintenance practices. 

PC Builds


Cost + $20/hr

Revenues from our services fund smart initiatives for communities of all sizes. Your dollars build urban farms and fund our civic engagement classes.

During the estimate you will be asked to provide your budget and purpose of the computer. We will also briefly evaluate your computer hardware competency. We can work with any budget and build to suit any purpose. 

Builds in all sizes and form factors. 

  • ATX, mini-ATX, Micro-ATX, ITX, Mini-ITX, Nano-ITX
  • Single Chip Computer Builds
  • “Sleeper” PCs
  •  Liquid Submerged PCs 
  •  Unique cases

We are here to help with any of your computer problems. Give us a call or send us an email below. 

Specialty Builds

Computers come in all shapes and sizes. We can customize a build to suit your needs or desires. That doesn’t mean you you have to get some box of a PC, unless you’re into that…

Sleeper Builds

We recycle old computer tower cases and fit the latest in processors and motherboards in, giving you that retro feel with today’s power. 

Micro Builds

We like big PCs, but love small and micro builds. From single chip computers to mini desktops, we can build to suit your budget.

PC Embed Builds

Don’t want a box? Let us build a embed a PC into whatever we can. From computers submerged in aquariums to PCs build into desks and random objects, we’ll give you the most unique computing experience possible. 


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