About Intelis

We are a civic-technology firm focused on the integration and development of smart-city technologies, internet-of-things devices, blockchain and decentralized applications, digital asset services, education services, and environmental and public health initiatives. Intelis was founded in September of 2017 by members of the San Antonio, Texas tech community.

Most smart-city technology is developed to serve large metropolitan areas, while rural communities and smaller cities experience the same growth issues but have much less financial capacity to increase their technical capacity. We seek to fill the gap between urban and rural services and infrastructure. We will end the digital divide between rural and urban services as well as the divide between small business and enterprise capability.

To do this, our company will build cost effective, devices and networks for applications from traffic flow and air quality sensors to information displays and secure access systems. We will service a wide variety of clientele including individual consumers, small business, large enterprise, and governments of all sizes. The intent is to cut costs associated with building, installing, and utilizing innovative civic technologies. From staying fit and knowing when we can breathe easy, to knowing traffic conditions before leaving for work or analyzing client reward program data, technology allows us to achieve greater health and productivity.

We will promote synergy between organizations and citizens through building infrastructure and developing the capability of people to use new technologies through education programs and outreach initiatives. These education programs will be adaptable and multi-modal so to fit client needs, from lectures and hands on classes, to executive coaching sessions. From coding classes to cybersecurity lectures and cryptocurrency tutorials, Intelis aims to educate our workforce for the future.

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