Electronics Recycling and Reuse


We accept outdated and unused electronics for recycling or reuse. We reuse old electronics as remote sensing and computing devices. Data collected by the recycled remote sensors is streamed over data marketplaces and sold. Rewards, funded by the sale of data and the devices or parts will be awarded to recyclers who chose to participate.

Urban Agriculture

More coming soon…

From community garden patches to rooftop farms and hydroponics, our urban agriculture programs are reducing the farm to market trip. We grow crops right in our communities! We sell our products locally, and employ the underemployed and donate large quantities of food to those in need. There is no reason to ever go hungry.

Community Green Space Adoption

We are creating public-private partnerships in order to keep parks, natural areas, trails, parklets, and community gardens maintained and clean.

Environmental Quality Monitoring

Our communities should leverage technology such as air and water quality sensors, gunshot detectors, weather monitors, and wearable technologies for the benefit of public health and safety. With the equipment and electronics we recycle and with proprietary devices, we will enhance quality of life by equipping citizens with this data.