Community Initiatives

We are committed to telling the story of the world’s communities: how they work, the challenges they face, and the solutions they need. Through our inteliCity Labs program, we develop unique solutions for business and communities. 

Through initiatives we battle public and private waste, combat pollution, promote sustainable living, and catalyze organizations with innovative technology.

We empower communities by expanding access, utility, and understanding of digital devices and infrastructure; serving society through creative research and innovative technology; and engaging the public through community initiatives. 


Prepare your business for the future. Save money and stay competitive by deploying IoT devices. Improve your decision making, drive efficiency, empower your employees, and create better customer experiences with intelligent IoT platforms.

Combining the latest IoT devices, and data analytics with education and fitness programs citizens can further their health, become more civically engaged, and simplify their life. 

Events and Education

Intelis offers workshops, classes, and lecture series covering the latest in infrastructure technology to innovative software.

Our health classes and fitness events. From staying fit to knowing when we can breathe easy, technology helps us achieve greater health. 

Research and Development

The future is yet to be unlocked. Our goal is to develop the latest in technologies in the IoT, artificial intelligence, digital assets industries, among other smart technologies and programs designed to benefit individual wellness and community health.


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