City Initiatives

Our mission is to help communities and organizations solve their unique problems, whether that be rapid growth, crime, or waste, all through the latest technologies developing in the ongoing industrial and web revolutions. 

We are a civic technology firm focused on the research and development of smart city devices, services, and programs.  We are committed to telling the story of the world’s communities: how they work, the challenges they face and developing the solutions they need.

IoT Devices and Services

We build smart devices and networks, from traffic flow and air quality sensors to information displays and secure access systems. The data collected on our corporate smart devices can then be streamed, stored, analyzed, and utilized.

Everyday physical objects and appliances connected to the internet, transmitting vital and valuable data. Information is everything in today’s connected society. Discovering and unlocking your data is the key to success. Without the technical skill however, analyzing and synthesizing ideas from troves of data is fruitless. Let us do the work. 

Blockchain Services

You or your business can benefit from the latest in digital ledger and decentralized application technologies such as: digital stock certification, immutable voting platforms, machine to machine transactions, and more.

Blockchain technology empowers you to freely transact, organize, and collaborate without borders or intermediaries. Create global, bureaucracy-free organizations, companies, and communities.

Let us build and deploy centralized or decentralized applications and ledgers for your organization. 

Events and Education

Intelis offers workshops, classes, and lecture series covering the latest in infrastructure technology to innovative software.

We offer health classes and fitness events. From staying fit to knowing when we can breathe easy, technology helps us achieve greater health. 

We believe combining the latest wearable gear, IoT devices, and data analytics with education and fitness programs can help you live long and prosper.

Research and Development

The future is yet to be unlocked. Our goal is to develop the latest in technologies in the IoT, artificial intelligence, digital assets industries, among other smart technologies and programs designed to benefit individual wellness and community health.

There is much to learn from the cities we live in. Our research team is dedicated to finding common sense solutions for the benefit of all members of society. 

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